30 July 2007

In Japan!

It's almost 5 in the morning here, and thanks to a combination of jet lag and my roommate's impressive capacity for snoring, I find myself awake.


We arrived in the Narita airport around 5:30 last night after a 13 hour flight, and then enjoyed a two-hour bus ride to our hotel in Tokyo proper. After a flurry of "go this way"s and "pick up these"s, I found myself on the streets of Tokyo with a couple of acquaintances I made in Hartsfield. We had an amazing curry dinner, which was very fun to order - the ordering and paying process went through an elaborate vending machine. Still, a large plate of curry (the "small" size), a bowl of miso soup, and a 17 ounce beer for approx. $4? I think I'm in love.

It's a beautiful morning thus far - Tokyo is apparently always misty in the mornings, and today is no exception. As my roommate's snores are lessening and I find myself tiring, I'll leave you with another photo - the view of Tokyo from my hotel window.