17 June 2007

I'm going back to middle school...*sob*

I've heard from my predecessor (finally!), which means I now know a little about my job assignment in Ota. I'll be teaching mainly at Ikushina Junior High School, as well as spending one day a week at a local elementary school.

Now, putting aside the fact that I don't even want to THINK about being in middle school again, I'm horrendously excited. I love the idea of getting to teach at an elementary school as well as a middle school, and I'm beginning to think of things I want to try out with them (in very broad terms). Also, look at this:

Those are some of the elementary school kids with my predecessor.
(And yes, every picture he has taken of his kids has them doing peace signs.)

Outside of that, I don't have much more information. I sent Pete (predecessor) a ton of questions, and will hopefully get my answers soon. I bought an external hard drive recently,and just received my copy of the Blair Handbook, a grammar reference recommended by Rafael. Woohoo for some light, bedtime reading. O_o

And...that's pretty much it. More for y'all when there's more for me. :D